Varta Longlife Power D Alkaline Batteries 2 Pack

Varta Longlife Power D Alkaline Batteries 2 Pack


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The Varta High Energy D alkaline non-rechargeable battery is used to power high-drain applications that require extended run time. This includes electrical devices like boom boxes, radio transmitters and receivers, megaphones, etc. The positive terminal has a single bump or nub. Full size Maglites run on D cells and Varta is an excellent choice.

The original D battery, made in 1960, contained a small amount of highly toxic mercury. Today’s Varta alkaline battery uses potassium hydroxide and no mercury whatsoever, making it safe and environmentally-friendly.

The Varta name is synonymous with German quality, trust and dependability. Each battery is thoroughly inspected to a high standard before it leaves the factory. Make sure your electrical gadgets run first time, every time, by replacing batteries regularly.


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