Emergency Shelter Tube Tent – Paracord 550 (Military Grade)

Emergency Shelter Tube Tent – Paracord 550 (Military Grade)

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  • PREPARE LIKE A SURVIVOR – This emergency shelter tube tent is an integral part of any survival kit, bug-out bag, earthquake kit, 72-hour kit, day pack, roadside assistance bag. Bring it with you when hiking, camping, hunting, boating, or fishing.
  • PARACORD 550 – 5 meters suspension rope made with Military Grade Type III, 7-Yarn, 3-Strand paracord to give you that extra edge in emergency situations. Supports up to 550lbs and can be used for tow line, tarp tie down, pack strap, knife handle wrap, etc.
  • SPACE BLANKET MATERIAL – The super thin, lightweight, and tough material was originally designed for space exploration. It reflects & retains up to 99% of body heat to keep you warm. It also folds up small for easy storage and transportation.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – Anchoring ropes in 4 bottom corners to improve stability. Easy to setup. Perfect blend between rip resistance and carry weight. Fits 2 adults.
  • TEMPORARY & EMERGENCY KIT USE – This product is for emergency situations, and is not meant to replace your camping tent.


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